Unlock Your True Style...

 Fashion is our first line of communication: What do you want to tell the world? 

It's not What Not to Wear...it's about what you want to wear.

After nearly a decade in fashion, I've seen a lot of trends come and go. But there's one thing that's always in style: Being you. Whether you're starting over fresh or just need a little guidance, I'll help you capture your essence and express your truest you--not to mention, unteach you everything you've been told about what you should be wearing-- all to reveal the style that lies within you, without weighing it down with ridiculous rules and fleeting fads. With my conscious and thoughtful approach to shopping, you'll not only be armed with the tools to dress your best, but to buy better moving forward, and build upon your new (or current) wardrobe with an eye for versatility, flexibility, and sustainability.


My ultimate goal is to improve your relationship with clothing, which can, in turn, improve your relationship with yourself, your body, and even the world around you. I am proud to work with people of all genders and sizes, and I can accommodate all physical needs.  




The first step in my process toward unlocking (not creating) your truest, most personal style is focused on you: your lifestyle, your interests, your goals for your future, and your unique personality in order to build your Style Profile. I call this my "21 Question" System, but sometimes it only takes 10 questions...other times, it might take 50! True style comes from within, so let's get to know you first.


When you struggle to get dressed day after day, and grow to resent the things in your closet, you may incorrectly come to the conclusion that you just don't have a personal style. No matter who you are, however, this just isn't true. The audit is where we look at what you have to figure out where you are and parse out what you think you need from what you actually need. Spoiler: you usually need less than you think!


I like to take notes. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. At the end of our session(s), I compile said notes into your PDF Style Doc, which includes a plan to maximize your current wardrobe and, depending on which service you've booked, shopping lists, moodboards, and styling tips. These documents tend to range from 5-30 pages. Consider it your personal guide to your personal style!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Say "Sayonara, Zara!"

You're not a disposable person, so why should you wear disposable clothes? Your Forever Wardrobe is meant to grow and change along with you, so, here at True Style, we avoid low quality, high-speed fashion at all costs. No matter your budget, whether we're shopping for sustainable brands, independent designers, or combing secondhand stores: you deserve a closet that you can love for as long as you want to, and that helps you look exactly how you want to, not just how trends dictate you should.