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Lakyn In the Press

I have been lucky to have been quoted, on-camera, and in conversation with some amazing journalists in and around fashion. Here's some highlights. Please direct all press inquiries here.

Why am I not the same size in shops anymore?

Capsule dressing does not have to look the same for everyone

Why Does Fast Fashion Fall Apart So Quickly?

Dispelling Fast Fashion Myths

Fashion Knows That Sex Sells. But Those Who Sell Sex Are Rarely Given a Voice.

Shein, the fast-fashion giant, hits roadblocks

PODCAST: TikTok Shop is a Dystopian Mall Kiosk

Body Shape Dressing Is a Myth—Here’s What You Should Do Instead

Is Sustainable Fashion Elitist?

PODCAST: Lakyn Carlton: Personal Stylist and Sustainable Fashion Expert

‘Greenwashing’ fast fashion brands are going all in on the resale market. But consumers are pushing back

DOCUMENTARY: The Real Cost of Denim

PODCAST: Take a Tour In The Shein Propaganda Factory

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