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How to Wear Jewelry Well: Buy, Build, and Style Your Jewelry Collection

As a self-professed Jewelry Addict, I spent most of my life figuring out how to curate the perfect jewelry collection in order to create the most fabulous jewelryscapes and, let me tell you, it ain't easy. From having to learn how to pick quality pieces, to creating a versatile collection completely from scratch, to trying to figure out why my necklaces don't layer perfectly like the girls' on Pinterest, I've done the work so, now, you don't have to! 


How 2 Adorn is a 15-page PDF e-book filled to the brim with tips on how to figure out your jewelry style, how to mix metals, and more, written and designed by me, The Sustainable Stylist. If you've ever looked in the mirror and thought "this outfit needs something," you need to read this! 




Introduction - How do you incorporate jewelry into an outfit?


Silver vs. Gold - Which metal is right for you? 


What’s Your Jewelry Style? - Identify your unique jewelry aesthetic with expert guidance to express your personality through accessories.


What’s Your Adornment Style? - Explore how to complement your outfits perfectly with minimal, strategic, and maximalist jewelry styling.  


Make It a Habit | Build It Up - How to build the habit of wearing jewelry daily and intentionally, gradually curating a collection that reflects your evolving taste and style.


Necklines and Necklaces - Learn how to masterfully pair necklaces with different neckline styles for a polished and harmonious look.


How 2 Layer - Unlock the secrets to stylishly layering your favorite jewelry pieces for a fashion-forward appearance.


Costume vs. Fine - Understand the distinctions between costume and fine jewelry to make informed purchasing decisions aligned with your budget and style.


Common Materials - Explore the diverse range of materials used in jewelry crafting and their unique attributes to choose pieces that resonate with you.


All About Gold and Silver - Delve into the world of gold jewelry, from understanding karats and fine vs. sterling to expert care tips for maintaining its luster and longevity.


How I Shop For Jewelry (Online) - Gain valuable insights and strategies from a professional stylist for successful online jewelry shopping experiences to find the perfect pieces effortlessly.


Jewelry Collection Checklist - The official checklist for a well-rounded, foundational jewelry collection that you can wear and build on for years to come.



 Download link expires 30 days after purchase; file is unable to be re-sent after expiration. 

How to Wear Jewelry Well: Buy, Build, and Style Your Jewelry Collection

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