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Hi, I'm Lakyn, and this is a page about me.

My Story

To put it simply: I just really, really like clothes.

Growing up less-than-privileged in Dallas, Texas, I constantly sought new ways to express myself through what I wore, even on a shoestring budget. After moving to Chicago in 2012, doing whatever I could to get by, I stumbled into my first client after helping a stranger pick out an outfit for her daughter's engagement dinner during one of my aspirational strolls through Barney's (we're still friends to this day!). From there, it was just a matter of tossing together some business cards and suddenly, my life's passion was realized: I wasn't just put on this earth to wear my own (killer) outfits, but to help others find themselves through fashion the same way I had all my life. 

While I've been officially styling for almost ten years, True Style was born in 2021, when I was forced to put a pause on my clothing label due to health reasons, but found myself wanting to directly combat the virus (not that one) of overconsumption and the ills of fast fashion by educating people across the world on how to shop and dress with intention and, in the process, build a better relationship with clothing, with the earth, and with themselves. Now living in Los Angeles, and styling globally via my virtual sessionsI've built a following of thousands, written countless words about fashion and style, and am well on my way to inspiring the world the way I've always believed I was meant to do. I can't wait to inspire you, next!

I believe everyone has style, they just have to find it....that's where I come in.

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